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We provide sales and rental service of Ozone Air Purifiers, Automatic Hand Dryers, Soap dispensers, Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Tissue dispensers, Paper Hand Towel dispensers, Air Freshener dispensers, Automatic flushing systems and other sanitary accessories.


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Airstream 2000 Hand Dryers

  • The ideal automatic hand dryer for public toilets, restrooms, kitchens, pantries.

  • Elegant, slim & quiet.

  • Powerful warm air hand dryer and not hot air.

  • Foolproof, hygienic and economical.

Airstream 2002 Hand Dryers

  • High gloss ABS

  • the hand dryer has Infra-red sensor and safety cut-off

  • Fire retardant

  • Ideal for toilets, restrooms, kitchens, pantries.

Anda 2000ST Stainless Steel Hand Dryers

  • Specially designed for food preparation areas and hospital applications where the highest level of hygiene have to be observed.
  • Automatic, quiet 'no-touch' hand dryer.

Anda 5000T Face/ Hand Dryer

  • Durable impact and heat resistant die-cast aluminium

  • Automatic, fast drying time & vandal resistant hand dryer

  • Adjustable face or hand drying facility

Euro1800 Hand Dryer

  • Durable, impact and heat resistant aluminium alloy, white powder coated finishing

  • Infra-red sensor with thermal fuse safety cut-off

  • Hand dryer incorporates an adjustable sensor : 0 to 17 cm

Air Freshener Dispenser 230

  • Durable, impact resistant ABS

  • On/Off switch

  • Day/Night/24 hrs adjustable sensor

  • The airfreshener dispenser has 5-20 minutes adjustable spray interval

EURO 1000 Soap Dispenser

  • Euro1000 Wall mounted soap dispenser is suitable for any commercial application

  • Push or pull operation

  • Direct fill or cartridge replenishment

  • Magnifying window

  • Capacity 1 litre

SD 1000 Soap Dispenser

  • SD1000 Soap dispenser is made of High impact ABS
  • Direct fill, push operation
  • Integral window simplify inspection of contents
  • Ideal for toilets, restrooms, kitchens, pantries.

Urinal Sanitizer Dispenser

  • The Urinal & WC Sanitizing System enable chemical contents to last 1000 flushes

  • Slim, compact and classic

  • Attacks odour at source

  • Suitable for use in any public restrooms, toilets.......

Paper Towel Dispenser

  • Single use hand drying for optimum hygiene levels.

  • Cost-effective system - no laundry costs.

  • Suitable for C-Fold, M-Fold, N-Fold, L-Fold paper hand towels

  • Easy to lock for extra security.

Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser (White)

  • Transparent viewing window
  • Durable impact resistant ABS
  • Ideal for restrooms in high traffic locations saving on manpower and frequent replacement of toilet rolls

Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser (Grey)

  • High gloss ABS
  • Durable impact resistant ABS with ashtray
  • Simple pull down action with transparent viewing window
  • Ideal for restrooms, kitchens, pantries.

Vironizer™ 3000 Air Purifier Bacteria Neutralizer

  • A revolutionary new way to disinfect and sanitize to create a more hygienic and healthy environment using Vironizer air purifiers.
  • Airborne & surface contaminants such as bacteria, virus, fungus, mold, mildew, malodors from cigarettes, urine, food, durians and organic substances can be easily eliminated.

Orion Automatic Flushing Systems

  • A more hygienic way to ensure flushing after each usage
  • For use in urinal & WC.
  • Electrically operated.
  • Models available: concealed, service duct, surface-mounted.
  • Suitable for use in clinics, child care centers, public restroom, toilets, factories, commercial and office buildings....
  • Sound ergonomic design and rugged stainless steel construction
Vironizer has been tested by an independent  laboratory in a controlled environment to be effective in significantly reducing bacteria count over a 24 hour period, it has not been tested & does not claim to be specifically effective against the virus that causes SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

Vironizer 8008 Car Air Purifier Bacteria Neutralizer

  • Take a "bath" in one of Mother Natures most powerful disinfectant & germicide in your car!
  • Protect yourself, your loved ones and your passengers with Vironizerozone air purifiers.
  • Using UVC technology and activated oxygen (ozone) to neutralize both airborne and surface bacteria, germs and viruses in your automobile  leaving behind sterilized air and clean pure oxygen!

PuRene Instant Waterless Hand Sanitizer

  • Highly effective – inactivates 99.5% bacteria, viruses, germs and fungi .
  • Mild – safe and gentle can be applied many times a day, day after  day.
  • Instant Waterless hand sanitizer is economical – just a few drops will destroy micro-organisms on hands.
  • Easy – No towel or water are needed, air-dry for instant hand sanitizing.

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